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Sunday, December 11, 2011

HOMEFREE now available as an ebook

Whether you prefer Amazon, B&N, Kobo or Omnilit as your ebook source, Homefree is now available.

First published in print (Flux) in 2006, this urban fantasy features 15-year-old Easter Hutton, who unwillingly astral-projects back to places where she used to live.

As her man-chasing mom drags her around the country, Easter discovers that she can leave her body, but she can't control how or when she does it . . . or where she ends up.

She thinks she's losing her mind until she meets other teens with similar issues. They've all been summoned by Mr. Fairless, a blind old man with a raucous parrot. Although Fairless speaks only in questions, he may have the answers that Easter needs.

Coming soon as an ebook: Sensitive, the Homefree sequel, from Ampichellis Epublishing. The series continues in 2012. . . .

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