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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Published by the American Library Association, Booklist magazine has been helping readers find good books for more than 100 years. They write reviews of recommended books only. Read what they say about Sensitive:

Wright, Nina (Author)

Oct 2007. 240 p. Flux, paperback, $9.95. (0738711705).

In Homefree (2006), Easter and other teens with paranormal abilities were recruited to join a homeschool program and asked to discover how their talents might make the world a better place. Now in St. Augustine, Florida, a town filled with quirky residents, rich history, and plenty of supernatural prospects, Easter, Cal, and Andrew have an opportunity to covertly dabble in astral projection, psychokinesis, and post-cognition, despite many rules restricting the use of their talents. Easter becomes acquainted with the ghost of Placida, a girl rumored to have killed her whole family, but who leads Easter to some important information about her volatile, alcoholic, and currently missing mother. Easter and Cal develop a passionate but restrained relationship, and sensitive Andrew spends much of the novel away from the action, recuperating after a particularly disturbing paranormal episode. Readers will need to be familiar with the previous book before tackling this one, but those who are will enjoy the story and look forward to another episode.

— Heather Booth

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