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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SENSITIVE: Coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Available October 1, 2007. Order your copy now.

Sensitive, the Homefree sequel, follows sixteen-year-old Easter Hutton through her first weeks at the mysterious Fairless Grove Academy, headquarters for an agency dedicated to teaching teens to use their paranormal gifts. In addition to her talents for astral projection and invisiblity, Easter discovers that she is a Sensitive, someone who can communicate with the dead.

Then she meets Placida, a two-hundred-year-old spirit who insists that Easter has the power to help her solve an ancient misunderstanding. But Easter is overwhelmed. Her best friend is having a mental melt-down, and her crazy mother is on the run again. When she seeks comfort in the arms of her old boyfriend, Easter risks breaking Homefree's Absolute Rules. The consequence is expulsion, and Easter has nowhere to go.

Haunted by real problems as well as a genuine ghost, Easter must choose where her talents will lead her and where her loyalties lie.

About the Author: Nina Wright is an award-winning playwright and novelist. She is the author of the
Whiskey Mattimoe mysteries
(Midnight Ink) and other fiction. When not at her keyboard, Nina leads entertaining workshops in writing and the creative process.

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