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Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to Fairless Grove Academy

Greetings from historic St. Augustine, the Nation's Oldest City, and setting for Sensitive, the Homefree sequel.

I've just had the pleasure of spending a few days here, paying homage to the Muse and revisiting old haunts. (All puns intended.) I made my first visit to St. A several years ago; you might say the city "spoke" to me as it revealed its ghost tours, graveyards, and great architecture.

This is a photo of the bayfront mansion that serves as my inspiration for Fairless Grove Academy, the school where Easter, Cal, and Andrew are sent to begin their Homefree education. It's a sprawling Victorian home complete with a turret and tangled tropical garden in back. Of course, no trip to St. A is complete without a ghost tour--as my fictional characters find out. I'll post some photos from that experience tomorrow....

That looks gorgeous.
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