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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

REVIEW! School Library Journal likes HOMEFREE

Easter Hutton, 16, an otherwise typical character in teen novels--the disaffected, alienated child of a single, irresponsible parent--develops quickly enough into a determined, if reluctant, heroine, in this unusual paranormal tale. Suddenly, at her new (once again) school, she experiences out-of-body travel to her past, convincing her that she is losing her mind. Then her friend Andrew disappears. The astral episodes seem to become more frequent, and weird; waking dreams take Easter into times and places where she feels she must play a pivotal role, if only she could figure out what it is. Unlikely characters converge in Easter's astral and real worlds as part of the mysterious organization Homefree, which has been set up to help teens in trouble. Crises build, and the protagonist finds herself racing against time, on both planes, to fulfill her role before innocent teens make disastrous, irrevocable moves. This light read is quirky and evocative. The suspense keeps up the pace, and the eccentric characters are just mysterious and alluring enough to hold readers' attention.

--Roxanne Myers Spencer, Western Kentucky University , Bowling Green
School Library Journal

WRIGHT, Nina. Homefree. 230p. Flux. 2006. pap. $8.95. ISBN 0-7387-0927-1.

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